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A History of the HCDC

In 2004, a group of interested business leaders began discussing the possibility of purchasing some of the empty buildings in the downtown area for the purpose of restoring them both inside and out as speculative retail buildings. This interest was enhanced by the City’s efforts to rebuild the areas of Water Street and ½ of Main Street in Phase I and Phase II of the Streetscape Master Plan. The decision was made to operate the corporation as a 501©3 in order to keep the cost of restoration to a minimum and to show the public we were interested only in improving the quality of life in the designated downtown area with no profit motive. State historic tax credits were sought to also lessen the total investment in order to lease/sell the properties at a lower than market rate.
DG Main-Before_0.jpg

Before Picture

Above you will find a 'before' picture of one of the buildings we purchased in 2005.

DG Main-After_1.jpg

After Picture

After extensive renovation inside providing new HVAC, electric, plumbing and paint, plus restoring the original facade and installing a cloth awning.